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Lulalend is South Africa's first online provider of business funding. We provide short-term, unsecured business funding up to R1,500,000 for SMEs who have been in operation for at least one year and are making a monthly turnover of R40 000.
What makes our funding experience unprecedented is our quick, easy online application process which takes only minutes to complete, our speedy response time which ensures you hear back from us within minutes, and our quick access to funding in 24 hours. We deliver business funding using our cutting-edge Lulalend scoring technology, which takes into account the real-time health of your business together with your personal credit score. This means we are able to give your business the best possible funding.
Quick 10 minute online application process
Lulalend is more than a company. It’s a belief in the power of small business, making a difference, building a better solution and striving for excellence. We work hard to empower businesses across South Africa with the funds they need to grow, and we have a great time doing it!
  • We believe small businesses are the key to local economic success and deserve an easy and inspiring lending experience.
  • We know time is money, and our products and services are designed to keep owners moving at the speed of business.
  • We make sure that our funding costs and terms are transparent and understandable.
  • We know that having someone to speak with about financing is important, so we have Specialists available to answer any questions.
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