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Remember our post about our masked leader’s call to action on Youth Day (“Young people must rise to the challenge of leading our recovery after the coronavirus” – Cyril Ramaphosa), and how great it is that South Africa already has an established youthful population that spends more cash on dining out, drinking, buying clothes and being more laissez-faire with their ZAR to stimulate the economy?

Well we’ve found another social cohort that seems to live a little bit harder than the rest, and it just so happens that we celebrate them globally for the month of July: the LGBTQ community!

There couldn’t be a better time to sprinkle yourself with glitter, embrace the core principles of love, diversity, acceptance and equality, and join the fun. For savvy marketers, it’s also a good time to remember the very real power of the Pink Rand.

Just take a look at the graph below, extracted from BrandMapp 2020, and you’ll see evidence of a group of people who live life to the full and will be adding the extra oomph that our economy needs now more than ever.

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Very insightful, thanks WhyFive Insights for the read!