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How to register a company online

Register a Private Company (Pty) Ltd. with a standard MOI in South Africa for just R175

Step 1. Register with the CIPC

The Companies and Intellectual Property Commission ("CIPC") are the official company registrar of South Africa as per Section 187(4)(a) of the Companies Act 71 of 2008.

Go directly to and create a customer account. They’ll ask for either your ID number (if you’re a South African citizen) or your passport number (if you’re not) as well as your surname and contact information.

Once registered, make sure you’re logged in to CIPC to make use of links below

Step 2. Reserve a company name

Before you register your company, you must reserve a company name to be used in place of the registration number. The cost of a name reservation is only R50.

It’s important you deposit money into your customer account before submitting an application, otherwise the application will not be processed. The easiest way to do this is via EFT using the CIPC’s official bank details.

When submitting a name reservation, you can apply for 1 – 4 names per application. These are reviewed for availability and if approved, will produce a CoR9.4 (confirmation certificate) with a reservation number attached.

Name reservations can be submitted directly through by clicking the ‘Proposed Names’ icon and filling out the form that follows.

Step 3. Register your company

The CIPC have made this really simple, all you need is at least one director and an incorporator (who may also be a director). The cost of registration is only R125.

Company registrations can also be done directly through, simply select your type of company (Private Company (Pty) Ltd.) and enter the ID or passport number(s) for your director(s), then click CONTINUE.

Confirm your incorporator(s) and click CONTINUE once again. Then update the director’s details, selecting director type and filling out contact details (this is so the CIPC can send you company documents), click CONTINUE.

Select your financial year end and enter the number of authorised shares, then enter a company email address (which can be your email address) and the physical address of the company (which can also be the same as yours).

Click SAVE and you’ll be asked if you want to apply for a company name as part of this process. Luckily, you should already have a name reservation, and can select the second option (‘Use a name that has already been approved’).

Enter the reservation number and click CONTINUE, then review your company details. Once satisfied, click LODGE COMPANY and the registration will be filed. An email will be sent to you requesting final documentation.

You will then need to provide the following documents, which can be sent to

  • Certified ID of the applicant (CIPC customer);
  • Certified IDs of director(s) and incorporator(s);
  • The name confirmation certificate (COR9.4); and
  • Power of attorney (if the incorporator is not a director).

Make sure you add the tracking number to the subject of your email and send the supporting documents within 10 days of registration. It’s also important to have deposited the money into CIPC before you send these documents.

And that’s it! Your company registration is complete. Once the CIPC has sent confirmation, you can log back into and retrieve your incorporation documents (MOI) provided you have the registration number.


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