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Why Do You Need A Business Coach?

So you've taken a leap of faith and gone from being an employee to owning a business. Congratulations, you've taken the first step towards paving your own destiny. 

Of course, the next question you're probably asking yourself is, how do you stay afloat as a first-time business owner?  Being a thought leader in a specific field is one aspect; however, being a generalist for the industry is an entirely different ball game. 

It's at this point where stagnation comes into play; there's only so much you can do without recruiting the help of others. It's okay, this happens to most business owners, and you should consider it as part of your business lifecycle. 

It's here where business coaches are valuable. A business coach is an individual who assists you in making the moves from where you are to where you want to be. Business coaches help by solely focussing on your business goals, and helping you to enable the mindset to achieve them effectively. 

Should a business coach be something you've considered but are not convinced about, here are a few reasons why you should consider employing the expertise of one. 

1. Collaborative brainstorming. 

There's an old saying that goes, "nobody is smarter than all of us." Simply put, the collective power of many is vastly superior to the single power of one, and this speaks to the value that a business coach could bring to the table in aiding with brainstorming ideas. Proper brainstorming is an art and a science. 

Anyone with a mobile phone can visit Google to find free brainstorming software. It's this part of the brainstorming process that's science. However, the art is determining personal values and beliefs which you never knew existed and aligning them with your desires and intentions. Often it takes a fresh perspective to glean existing connections. 

2. Bouncing ideas. 

Business coaches act as dedicated personal sounding boards. A great coach is entirely present and listens to your deepest fears, dreams and goals. By doing this, a coach is able to pose powerful questions capable of unearthing deeply rooted values.

From an objective standpoint a business coach is able to guide your thought patterns toward your goals, by allowing you to come to your own realizations (with some coaxing of course).

3. Accountability. 

Isn't it unusual how effortless it is to break the promises we make to ourselves, but less so when we involve other people? A business coach serves as an accountability partner who challenges you in strategising and developing your goals while aligning your efforts towards their achievement - and helping you to hold yourself accountable.

4. Invaluable guidance. 

A business coach is someone who challenges your thinking, goals and willingness to grow. As someone who has "been there, done that," a coach also takes the position as a role model because of the experience that he or she shares. In addition to this, a coach has unique insights which ultimately leads to you broadening your business acumen. 

The value of coaching lies within the mental tools you'll develop with the guidance of your coach. Take Ekin Coaching Training and Speaking for example, coach, trainer, speaker and author of The Art of Courage – Debunking the courage myth. 

Simon has helped a myriad of people and businesses including Virgin Active, FNB and even South African cricketer JP Duminy in overcoming his fear of public speaking. 

Many athletes and performers use coaches to cultivate their best, isn't time you started using one to assist in your business goals.

Do not be embarrassed or afraid to enlist or commission help - it can be your most valuable asset.

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Ekin Coaching Training and Speaking

Great article, thank you! I like those 4 areas. Love the 'no one is smarter than all of us.' Very grateful for mentioning me. Someone like JP Duminy - a very modest guy - thanks God is so aware of his humanity and his 'ordinariness' that in my book, makes him such a special person and his willingness to keep growing and looking at himself. Just when we think we know everything, we realise we know so, so little. Please hook up with me, would love to connect with you.



Love it :)