6 Amazing Facts about Website Chat Bots!

Website Chat Bots: Chatbots are virtual assistants with a history that dates the to late 1960s. The use of chatbots has increased considerably in the past five years. This can be attributed to the rise of e-commerce websites. Website chat bots are gaining fame for a number of reasons. Many a time, it helps in building a credible brand image for businesses. Also, the notion customers have towards chatbots is inspiring. With this being said, let’s gather some exciting facts about Chatbots. 

Website Chat Bots Fact 1: Volume! 

First things first, there are more than thirty thousand Chatbots on Facebook alone! And, these Chatbots are used by nearly 200,000 customers from different parts of the world. The ratio between Chatbots and businesses on Facebook is considerably low. This shows the potential and promising future of “bots”.

Website Chat Bots Fact 2: The Start

If you consider “any” conversation with a chatbot, it will always begin with a “hi”. This is because bots are expected to create a friendly environment for the customer (or online user). “Hi” and “Hello” are the two common ways of kick-starting a talk! Few other phrases would be “Yes”, and “Help”. 

Website Chat Bots Fact 3: Customers are excited!

When compared to traditional customer support methods, the Chatbots prove to be more exciting and loaded with surprises. This is why more and more online buyers are interested to buy through Chatbots. They are no longer dependent on “human” support. More than 40 percent of Americans are willing to complete shopping with the assistance of bots. 

On average, Americans spend around 55 USD during every online purchase. And, with the use of bots, the percentage of users will increase. 

Website Chat Bots Fact 4: Customers Don’t have bad Experiences 

The chances of a customer having a bad experience with the bot is less. Of course, a poorly designed bot can mean a big loss to the company. Yet, the bot is an artificial intelligence solution that consists of rules and premises. How often would you get this design wrong? 

On the other hand, if have made the customer’s experience with the website promising – the chances of them returning is high. This means, Chatbots signal higher rates of customer retention. In the long run, this will translate to revenue. 

Website Chat Bots Fact 5: Customers want Recommendation 

From the beginning, Chatbots were designed to answer questions. For every query, the bot would have a collection of potential answers or follow up questions. This is why Chatbots are great tools for recommendations. 

Unlike human beings, Chatbots have the ability to traverse thousands of records within a few seconds. The bots can be programmed to offer viewers the best, and next ideal solution. The scope for error is extremely low with bots. When compared to human beings, bots are much better in searching databases and providing recommendations. (The only coach would be your rules). 

Website Chat Bots Fact 6: No blur lines! 

With the use of bots in websites, businesses don’t need to worry about customer relationship. This is because there can be no blur lines between humans and bots. 

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