Small Business COVID-19 Survival Guide - Part 7: Small Business Discounts

So far, in the previous six COVID-19 survival guide pieces, we’ve covered empowering your staff, affordable software solutions to streamline work-from-home strategies, increasing your sales, managing & limiting the spread of the coronavirus within your organisation, managing your cash-flow as well as accounting, legal and labour tips. 

In this, the final piece, of our seven-part Survival Guide, we explore some deals that small business owners should consider for their continued survival in light of the current epidemic and the lockdown restrictions.

Discounts, Special Rates and fantastic local resources for your business during COVID-19. 

Let’s explore some businesses which are offering their services and products at a discounted price during this crisis. 

  1. - A popular, local Web Hosting and Site Building platform. They offer hosting services from as little as R95 per month. 

  2. - Worth is offering any business owners a 20% discount on staff training. 

  3. - Are a local provider of masks and hand sanitiser to the public and other entities.

  4. - Green Worx Cleaning Services is certified and has permission to operate during the South African lockdown period as announced by the president of the Republic on the 23rd of March 2020. Check out their site for fantastic prices.

  5. - A local PBX service with no monthly fees which is available to any business in South Africa. 

  6. - Motion Outdoor is a local advertising company which specialises in on-vehicle advertising opportunities on motorcycles at cost price.

  7. - Another local entity which specialises in PABX systems. 

  8. - Inspired Change Solutions is a local service provider of a multi-tenant cloud-based business process automation platform. Their software solution, PICS, is a business success platform that gives small business owners both visibility and accuracy.

  9. - The Eduvation Network is a unique, South African education technology company that focuses on the growth and development of Educators through the use of cutting-edge technology. Eduvation collaborates closely with their clients to create custom solutions that help achieve goals and optimise on opportunities. 

  10. - A local lighting, audio, video, shade and IoT (Internet of Things) service provider who also offer excellent rates on video conferencing services. 

  11. - A local parenting affiliate website offering advertising opportunities for businesses in this industry.

These are just a handful of businesses discounts and special rates on their products and services. However, as a small business owner, the responsibility is on you, to do your homework and peruse the web for the various specials out there at the moment. 

Now that you’ve been through our seven-chapter COVID-19 Survival Guide, you should have the some additional tools at hand to assist you and your business in keeping cleaner and leaner operation through the economic downturn.

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