Why The COVID-19 Pandemic Is The Perfect Time To Take Your Business Online

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Updated Sun 24 May, 2020

The current COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown restrictions in SA have brought the economy to a standstill. Nations have issued lockdown restrictions and travel bans to flatten the curve of infection of the coronavirus outbreak. 

Many small businesses have had to close their doors, factory production has slowed down drastically, and consumer activity has reduced worldwide. During these times of crisis as business owners wait with bated breath for things to return to normal, it’s a wise time to consider ways to revamp your business model, and one such method for many is to take their businesses online. 

Why we think right now is the best time to take your business online:

Online shopping.

Now that level four restrictions on online shopping have been lifted; many customers are rushing to online retailers for retail therapy. Moreover, in a post-COVID-19 world, this will result in more consumers opting for online shopping as opposed to making trips to the mall. People are now able to not only purchase luxury, non-essential items, but they can fill the groceries carts online with ease. It is mostly like that most of the big retailers such as Pick N Pay, Woolworths and many others will continue to offer their online shopping services after the pandemic has been contained. 

Supply and demand. 

At the start of lockdown, businesses selling non-essential items completely shut down. Up until now, customers had to refrain from purchasing non-essential items, unless they wanted them to arrive at their doorsteps after lockdown restrictions had been lifted. However, now that we’ve reached level 4 of lockdown, most online retailers can resume business as usual, so there will once again be a demand for non-essential items. This paves the way for small retailers or new online shops to fill the demand as it escalates and increases, as it will.

Improving your brand. 

Taking your business online is the same as presenting your existing client base and potential clients with a well-designed and thoughtful calling card. It will improve your brand visibility on the web and bolster your business credibility. Businesses that fail to develop a professional website are essentially handing business to their competitors, or new brands who harness the power of online as their primary sales channel. 

Regardless of whether your business is designed for online or not, we believe that you should still have a website to generate leads, consider chatbots to automate your customer support, or an online store to accelerate your product sales. Taking your business online is a surefire way of converting leads to sales, especially in this time. 

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It's amazing to see how many companies are going online / digital  - and not only Ecommerce... this is an opportunity of a lifetime