How Small Businesses Can Benefit From Online Education

The advent and growth of digital infrastructures have opened up the door to a realm of opportunities for entrepreneurs. Today, business owners can reach peers in other countries and cultures from their desks. Furthermore, with the current COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown restrictions for many nations, online technologies have started thriving. 

Perhaps one of the best benefits is the pooling of resources and the ease of information at our fingertips, and this means that anyone, anywhere in the world, can have their questions answered swiftly. 

The digital revolution has had a significant effect on learning within the workplace. In today’s landscape, business owners and individuals have a myriad of interactive videos, short-form questionnaires, easily-digestible micro-content and of course, engaging online courses which can be accessed from your desktop. 

Perhaps you’re a chef and seeking a new stovetop at home? There are countless blogs which compare the pros and cons of the latest models. Maybe you’re employing work-from-home efforts and want to motivate your staff? There are probably hundreds of Ted Talks on the subject. 

Online education provides tremendous flexibility for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Of course, as office hours and sometimes beyond them, are dedicated to running your business, you need to consider setting aside time to work on furthering your skills as an entrepreneur. 

Learning new skills online is a quick and accessible method for bolstering your personal development. Business owners can increase their skillsets via a plethora of devices, and pause webinars and video courses to come back to it at convenient times. 

Businesses which strive to instil an ethos of learning are more adaptable and are naturally better at taking on new challenges. As Millennials and Gen Z pour into the workplace, businesses are at risk of losing their next talent pool to the competition if they fail to provide adequate educational and growth opportunities. 

Benefits of Online Education.

Perhaps the core benefit of online education and webinars is accessibility. Users can access courses anywhere, anytime and from their devices of choice. That being said, the ability to track the progress of yourself and staff is an often overlooked benefit. 

Several online learning platforms easily track and display the topics you or your staff have covered and have not covered. Moreover, it’s easy to start developing a learning portfolio, where you and attendees can quickly revisit topics for refresher sessions. 

Another invaluable benefit of online education is efficiency in both time and cost. Should you desire to up-skill yourself or an employee, instead of having to send them travelling (which is impossible for most right now), you can opt to be engaged with learning programme from the comfort of a desk at home. 

For more a robust, long-term approach, business owners can opt to recruit the help of digital learning platforms such as, who provide regular online training programmes for several business needs. Moreover, many companies can tailor-make online webinar programmes to meet your specific business needs. 

The advantages of digital education include individual programmes of learning, incentivised learning and achievement badges or markers, and performance tracking. 

Furthermore, online education enables learners with the ability to keep up to date with their peers. It allows them to communicate, share knowledge and get help from colleagues in ways that they’ve become familiar with via social media, but within a professional context.

Online Education Resources. 

With thousands of online education resources out there, it can be challenging to know which sources are trustworthy and valuable. We suggest reaching out to professional groups within your industry. Many of your peers have already identified several sources of excellent online learning, and they’ll also be filled with individuals who have shared interests. 

These kinds of professional groups are fantastic places to share and cultivate ideas as there is a mutual benefit and shared motivation for learning and growth. It’s wise to seek out local groups on LinkedIn, Facebook, Slack and even WhatsApp. 

Online webinar platforms like OnlineX are excellent websites for small business owners to educate themselves, their employees and even there clients. 

For larger companies, it may be worth considering using learning and performance management systems, where courses can be generated more formally. 

If you’re able to afford a professional digital learning platform, your business will benefit from an efficient and engaging learning programme, crafted by people with years of valuable experience and insights. 

For more information on the courses and webinars offered by OnlineX, click here to register.

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