OnlineX | Why take your business online? And why now?

7 reasons why your business should be online now, more than ever? 

Brett Perlstein, CEO & Founder of SearchKings Africa, explains why ...
  1. What has lockdown done for our businesses? 

    • It has forced business owners to scramble  and find new ways to get their businesses online, mobilise their staff to go remote and ultimately try and find ways to survive during this “crisis”

  2. Let’s change our perspective and rather see  this crisis as one of the greatest opportunities in our digital age

  3. Let’s not call it a crisis, let's call it a Gold Rush or ‘digital rush’

    • Each business owner is trying to stake their claim in this ‘new normal’ we have found ourselves in

  4. We have learnt two things since the pandemic has hit while trying to start this online journey 

    • The way in which we used to conduct business online is never going to be the same  again. 

    • The traditional ways  of doing business is going to change. 

  5. If you weren't advertising online previously, you should you be doing so now

  6. If you never saw your business as an online business …  Think again. 

  7. Covid-19 has caused a great acceleration in digital transformation in almost every business. What does this mean in the marketing sphere?

    • This is not the time to cut your marketing online, as more of your customers spend time at home in front of a computer

    • Digital has finally become the strongest way for you to connect with customers - both new and existing

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