Success Story: How Yuppiechef became Yuppiechef, one of South Africa's Leading Online Retailers

In this recent OnlineX presentation Andrew Smith, gives over the company’s amazing success story, and how they became one of South Africa’s leading omnichannel retailers.

Andrew Smith is the co-founder and CEO of South Africa’s leading kitchen and home retailer, Yuppiechef. Founded as a part-time venture, Yuppiechef has since grown into one of South Africa’s leading omnichannel retailers. 

 He starts out by saying that at the beginning of lockdown from the Covid epidemic, he felt like “The oxygen had been turned off” as the company made ‘0’ sales in a full day of trading. He explains that how after 14 years of trading... a strange feeling of “Is it over? Will we ever trade again?” - and the confusion that followed in that period.

 He also delves into the journey of his business and that looking back, Yuppiechef didn’t really feel like a good idea in the beginning. It also took a lot longer than they thought it would to make it successful. And the company’s strategic advantage wasn’t really so apparent in the beginning.

Throughout their journey of success, what Andrew and his team realised was that there is no magic bullet to turn your business around overnight. It takes time and effort and resilience... watch the video to find out more!

What you will take out from this session:

  • What it takes to build a powerful and successful online business
  • The lessons learnt when creating an online business
  • How to ensure being the best-in-class customer service
  • Always hold onto the optimism for the future, and remember that it is also good to embrace the fear.
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In challenging times like these success stories are an amazing motivation - thank you OnlineX !