Event (Conference) Chatbot

An Event/Conference chatbot will help you create a seamless experience for your event/conference-goers

An Event/Conference chatbot will grant your visitors full access to the event program and the organizers can reduce spending efforts on answering repetitive amount of live questions about basic information - which will eventually help the organizers focusing on more complicated tasks.

Event visitors can find information about the agenda, organizers, sponsors, and other additional information. They also learn more about the event by being sent information related to it. Besides, your service will make a giant leap forward because all inquiries are answered instantly, automatically.

The spike of effort

The problem with the event is that it's often held in 1 or 2 days at most. Most of the messages and information exchanges skyrockets around only 1 or 2 weeks before and during the event. A chatbot will act as a friendly mascot for your event and answer most of the FAQ coming from your event visitors.


  • Speakers Information
  • Venues Information
  • Sessions Information
  • Manage Your Event Using CMS day.

How Event Chatbots Work

1. Click To Messenger Advert

You can use Facebook's granular advert targeting options to deliver Messenger adverts to your ideal audience. When these averts are clicked, your conversational experience is triggered. Setting up Messenger ads require a little more muscle than your standard Facebook ads, but we can take care of everything. You can also embed a chatbot on your website to allow direct access.

2. Conversation Started

Event participants (attendees, VIP sponsors, event speakers) all have different needs and requirements. You can personalize the conversation for a participant based on their unique role.

3. Event Registration & Reminders

Segmented notification messages can be scheduled for greetings, feedback requests, and reminders. You also broadcast messages to inform attendees of amendments or emergencies.

4. Event Virtual Assistant

Event registration, self-check-in, instant answers, event programming, and follow-ups. Your event bot can act as a virtual assistant offering everything an event needs without forcing attendees to download an app to access key information.

5. CRM & Email Integrations

Powerful integrations with third-party applications enable your team to fully automate your marketing workflows. You can send emails, SMS messages, sync with your CRM and other databases. Event chatbots can be integrated with your event and registration software platforms, reducing the need for manual data entry.

6. Mobile Wallet Event Tickets

The use of mobile wallet is becoming more and more prominent is the world of marketing and it will come as no surprise that the use of this technology also hosts a few beneficial features to events organisers. Mobile Wallet adds an additional layer of communication to your chatbot with the use of push notifications and proximity marketing, Furthermore, when the attendee arrives they simply get scanned and logged into the event, thus simplifying the function of who attended and who missed out. Based on these segmentations you are able to be more specific with your communication during that planning of a next event.

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