Mobile Wallet Loyalty Messenger Chatbot

This Mobile Wallet Loyalty System is the best creation since sliced cheese! This cleaver little chatbot automates your entire loyalty and reward system inside Facebook messenger, run a stamp card or points-based loyalty card. Send reward cards via Messenger, SMS & Email to reach your clients on multiple marketing mediums.  

Our Loyalty Chatbot Service Includes

  • Device Detection
  • GDPR Protection
  • Intelligent Routing System
  • SMS & Email Content Flows
  • Email & Phone Verification
  • Conversion Boosters
  • Proximity Marketing Push Notification
  • NFC & QR Redemption
  • Staff Authorization
  • Branded Conversation Flows
  • Reporting Dashboard
  • User Data Updates
  • Our Zapier Team Account (For all related automation)
  • 2000 Mobile Wallet Passes (To get you started)

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