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4 Ways To Get Interns To Add Value

Recruiting interns can either be an excellent decision in hiring affordable talent for your business, or a surefire way of losing precious hours in productivity. Many small businesses find success in recruiting bushy-tailed and curious interns while others end up with lacklustre students seeking to add companies to their CVs without adding real value to a company during their internships. Many business owners make the mistake of thinking that having more interns leads to higher productivity. However, we believe that hiring the correct individuals via a reliable resource such as Trusted Interns goes a long way. 

In this piece, we look at four ways that business owners can get their interns to add value to their enterprises. 

1. Give your interns an internship project. 

We recommend assigning a long-term task which your interns need to complete by the end of their internship. Your interns will benefit from a self-directed chance to carry out research, ask questions and the opportunity to present something to your team. It could take the form of an individual project, or team project wherein multiple interns can work together to share valuable learning experiences. Moreover, this could also give you some breathing room if your primary workforce is overwhelmed. 

2. Ensure that they have someone to report to. 

Upon any interns entering your organisation, it is vital to ensure that they know whom to report to from the start. That being said, make it clear to them that you can talk to anyone on your team.

3. Make your interns feel included. 

Do you hold weekly company wide meetings? If so, ensure that you include your interns. Companies often have weekly team meetings to discuss current challenges, tasks and deadlines, and it's vital to include your interns. If you want your interns to act on information, then they need to be fully aware of everything that is happening. Everyone values transparency, especially those at the beginning of their careers. 

4. Draw up a task list. 

Preparing a task list might take some time, but it will benefit you and your interns in the long-term. Before a batch of interns joins your ranks, we advise prepping a list of tasks for them to complete. By doing this, they can add value to your business as well. 

Set aside ample time to develop a list of things you need done and then let some go. Ensure you have enough time to review and correct things as you go along with the interns. Not every intern will be amazing, so it's wise to calibrate your expectations. Nine out of ten times it's the employer's fault for not correctly screening or providing adequate training. 


The best interns will find their own ways to add value without getting in the way, and usually, they're the ones who ask for more work after a short period of working in your office. That being said, if you fail to invest in the time during their first two weeks to explain exactly what your company does, how it does things and how your product or service works, your interns might not feel empowered to add or create value. To find out more about Trusted Interns and find the right intern for your enterprise, visit their business page and get in touch!

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