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The Importance of Accurate Time Sheets in your Business

Since your employees are your company’s greatest asset, it is safe to say that that time is literally money when it comes to your employee’s time sheets. Many companies chose to utilize a manual system and, in some cases, this could be a mere spreadsheet generated at the end of the pay period to determine what totals need to be loaded as wages at the bank. No matter what the size of your company, this remedial method is to be discouraged.

The importance of an accurate time sheet will essentially extend to act as a legal document and providing protection for both parties in the event of any potential litigation over wages or breaks taken or missed. The time sheet will be able to verify the hours and will go a long way to resolving any queries and disputed. The detail in the timesheet will show its value by indicating the time-in, time-out and the breaks taken by the employee. The time sheets will also show if the employee is arriving early or late or leaving early or late. This will show whether disciplinary actions need to be put in place or in some cases, where an employee should be receiving deserved overtime.

In order to ensure that timesheets are accurate, information needs to be captured in real time without any human intervention. By opting for a biometric device to collect the time transactions, the possibility of buddy clock-ins will be eliminated and by partnering with an online software provider such as Paycentric, this information will be available within seconds to your management team no matter where they may be positioned. Seamless integration into your chosen payroll system will ensure that human error will not compromise your final payroll, and subsequently, eliminate payroll queries after payday. The ROI will be evident considering the time saved due to the omission of manual time entries and the tedious processing of pay queries after the fact due to human error.

The above automated process will suit any sized company, whether you employ 5 or 50,000 employees. Coupled with the live base system, the allocation of work codes, mobile apps and immediate reports becomes a reality from the comfort of your cellphone or laptop. Technology should work for you and not the other way around. Don’t fall for cheap imitations, but rather partner with the experience and commitment your company deserves.

Feel free to book a non-obligatory analysis of how an improved system will save your business time and money.

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