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Choosing The Right IT Support For Your Business

Managing a business’s IT efforts is often last on the to-do list for many small businesses. Entrepreneurs are more focused on the front-end of their companies as their hardware and software silently and correctly work in the background. 

Many smaller businesses, mom-and-dad and home-based companies make the mistake of relying on friends and family for tech help. A common trend with smaller businesses is to use as little IT help as possible. 

However, for the IT side of your business to function, it has to have steady and reliable support. Finding the correct IT expert will save you money in the long-run and can also bridge the gap between surviving emergencies and going full-steam ahead for growth. 

Web-based services, mobile computing and virtualisation provide both flexibility and cost-effectiveness, which make it easier for small business owners to get the tech and IT help they need. 

Recruiting outside help.

The time always comes for small businesses when increased tech-related issues become a pain point and start interfering with primary business operations. No small business owner wants to learn the harsh lesson in losing a hard drive or machine which destroys all their records. 

Of course, the breaking point for needing professional IT help depends on your company. A small startup might only need the occasional check and tune-up of company computers, networks and so forth. Companies which have more employees using computing power on their payroll might be in the market for a full time IT tech or IT technician service like Dial-A-Nerd, who offer home and business IT support both ad-hoc and contractually. 

Regardless of the scale of assistance needed, think of it as any other relationship. First, get to know each other. Then, make plans for the future. 

If your company utilises a business network, companies that provide MSP (Managed Services Provider) IT services are your best bet. Dial-A-Nerd is such a company; they manage your network while your team can focus on your business.  

What To Look For.

Ensure that you seek out a professional individual or IT company (depending on your needs) who observes your operations and asks the essential questions about how your business operates overall and not just the tech it utilises. 

Your IT contact should effectively feel the pulse of your business network and take extra care of your data security and backups. Ensure that whomever you recruit can answer the following vital questions: 

  1. Where is your business email hosted?

  2. Which operating systems does your business use?

  3. What software does your business implement?

  4. Which antivirus tools do you use?

  5. Do you use laptops, desktops or both?

  6. Do your employees use tablets and smartphones on your network, and if so, which types/brands do they use?

We recommend selecting an individual or business like Dial-A-Nerd who offer contractual plans which account for budgeting and forecasting with monthly or even quarterly check-ins.

Any IT professional needs to be able to translate geek-jargon into user-friendly terms that you and your team can understand. 

Ensure that whichever route you go, a freelancer IT technician or IT company who offers a range of price levels probably has done their homework on your company. Don’t always opt for the most expensive options as these services are not always the best option. 

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