4 Easy Ways To Find Business Leads During The Coronavirus Pandemic

The current coronavirus outbreak is proving to be damaging to many businesses. From government lockdowns to isolation and thousands of postponed and cancelled business events - each day is more challenging than the last in keeping your company operational. 

What has almost become challenging to do via the traditional means of business, is generating new business leads.  B2B leads commonly come from face-to-face networking, and sales meetings, and with the current pandemic, these methods are longer applicable.

Fortunately, the business world is quite dynamic, and there are several alternative means to generate new business leads even during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Joining B2B Platforms

The new hotspot for finding business leads, opportunities and deals is right here at Many companies are joining daily to find opportunities, and learn more about starting, running and growing their businesses.

The current COVID-19 situation has shown signs that it could last for a while, so entrepreneurs must find alternative ways to connect with other companies for opportunities, partnerships, services or simply to leverage each other’s support.

Regardless of times of crisis, having your business on a B2B platform gives you an effortless 24/7 online presence whereby other companies can find your company and contact you with potential deal proposals. 

Consider attending online webinars 

There are thousands of webinars available on the internet with hundreds of topics. Take the time to identify the issues which your potential leads will be most interested in and sign up for them.  By doing this, you'll be able to listen to the discussion actively, and create first-hand notes as to what's most crucial to your leads and thus generate a better target market strategy. In addition to this, you could also plug in your company as part of a useful tip and thus indirectly generate fresh business leads during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Attend remote networking events

Remote networking events are an up and coming business activity which has spread like wildfire across the web during “WorkFromHome” times . You can attend online workshops, chats and conference calls with other businesses in your industry, a surefire way to establish new relationships with potential partners, and/or customers.  

Social media 

Now is the time to bolster your social media efforts. You have the time, and by increasing your social media presence during a pandemic, you will benefit from additional exposure to potential new business leads. Everyone has an abundance of free time, with the majority of them spending it on social media. By effectively increasing your engagement via your Facebook and Twitter channels or any other platforms you use, you'll cement yourself as an industry thought leader and ultimately generate leads in the long-term. 


The sooner you put the above-mentioned tips to action, the faster you'll start seeing results. Over time, your leads list will increase with potential new business which you have gleaned entirely online. We advise acting now and getting ahead of your competitors, who are likely doing the same.  While some of your competitors are no doubt spinning out of control trying to keep their heads above water, you have the time to take advantage of every opportunity available to you and your business online. So take it. 

To take advantage of a B2B platform, we encourage you to use the platform to your advantage as we expand into new regions and industries daily. OnlineX hosts regular webinar filled with tons of value and Barrk Marketing are our industry specialists to take care of your marketing needs. Visit their business pages to access their contact and service information. 

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