Protect Your Reputation With Sound PR During A Pandemic

Our planet has not experienced an event such as COVID-19 in a long time, if ever. The current pandemic has cost the global economy billions, and according to experts, the situation could last up to 18 months. 

Business owners need to develop long-term solutions to remain in operation, protect their consumers and staff and ensure their bottom-line remains strong. 

However, during times where people are concerned about health and safety, business-as-usual marketing and sales tactics could come across as insensitive, tone-deaf and be ineffective. That being said, business owners also need to foster positive exposure to generate leads and sales to ensure their companies remain profitable. Let's take a look at three tips which any business owner or entrepreneur can action to help those in need, to improve brand reputation and generate additional leads. 

1. Provide audience value

By providing something of value to your audience is the first step to simultaneously help people while promoting your business.  Consider developing a short-course, host Q&As or perhaps simply extend invitations to contact your company for help. Several personal finance experts are offering online chats, and others have provided free CV writing workshops to those in need. These kinds of tactics cost your business nothing; however, they give the type of value needed by those in need while showcasing your business skills and abilities. 

2. Solve a problem. 

What are the problems your customers and your business are facing? If you're in real-estate, having showrooms is not an option now, but assisting clients with securing financing, legal counsel, and even helping them secure a moving company for a post-pandemic move can happen now. 

If you're an entrepreneur, you can focus on any internal problems, including product or service issues, updating or fixing your website, rebranding and potential PR or marketing. We advise helping your clients while working on any problems you haven't had the time to address before this pandemic.

3. Craft future content. 

Now is the time to provide your clients and readers with practical solutions to their problems. If you're a great writer or have a team of excellent scribes, put them to work as you have time to crank out several months of content.  Consider launching a newsletter, blog, podcast, online webinars or perhaps even a series of well-thought social media posts.  Moreover, if you're able to offer something on the house, such as free samples, online classes or introduction consultations, now is the time to do so. If you haven't set up your social media channels correctly or created a newsletter list, do so now. 


During times of crisis, it's wise to pivot your efforts towards human connection above transactional work. Public relations is an essential factor in any business, but it has to be authentic to work. Many companies will wait for that call to come in, however, having an excellent PR consultant can help you effectively engage with the media, ensure positive and sufficient media coverage for you and your company and take on content creation efforts. Whether you decide to take on PR tasks by yourself or recruit help, it should be a key instrument in your efforts to sustain operations during this time.

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