Mobile App Development for Restaurants: A Guide BY DAVID ORAGUI / 22 JUNE 2018

Many small but growing restaurants want to develop their own mobile app to better engage with their customers, but what options do they have regarding features and development? This restaurant app development guide will provide some options, suggestions, and examples for those seeking to build their own mobile app. 

Advancements in technology are empowering business owners to create experiences that are engaging, yet simple and convenient. Many business sectors are enhancing the customer experience with mobile apps, and the restaurant industry is no exception.   Restaurants of all sizes are developing mobile apps that customers can use to make reservations, order takeout, or update dining preferences. A survey shows that the majority of diners use restaurant mobile apps to view menus and pricing (55%), search for deals (38.2%), order food online (30%) and make reservations (23.8%).

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