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How to Make Working from Home “Work” for You [Part 2]

Self-motivation and a large amount of discipline are prime requirements for working from home. Because of the recent world events, many employers have resorted to staff working from home if their business allows for it. For this, so called ‘Future of Work’ to actually be beneficial to companies, they need to educate their employees on how-to, to ensure that they find a balance between their usual ‘working day’ and the now ‘working from home’ day.

We have put together a list of guidance tips and tricks in two parts, the first part is here.


Tip 7:   Communication is Vital!

The most important criteria when working from home, is communication. Employees must ensure that they communicate clearly and not be afraid to ask for clarification if they do not understand something, or need assistance. They must learn to concise and clear in their written communication as well, e.g. Ensure that email subject lines are pertinent to the content. It is also necessary to know your ‘Netiquette’.

Tip 8:   Organisation & Planning are the recipe for Success

Research available software option within your budget that can assist your staff and relevant departments manage tasks and projects, as well as communicate efficiently. Ask colleagues and friends what programs they are using and establish the ‘best fit’ for your business.

It is essential that employees create a designated, organised ‘office space’ even if it means they have to pack it away in the evenings if there is a lack of space. They should also consider creating ‘To Do’ lists for themselves to ensure they accomplish what is expected of them on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Tip 9:   Eating Healthy

Because they are in a familiar environment, the kitchen is easily accessible and the notorious ‘quick snack’, especially the ‘boredom’snack’ can be readily available. Employees should try and maintain a healthy eating lifestyle and for their working week.

Tip 10:   Training to improve Knowledge & Skills

Usually work colleagues assist in helping each other out, or brainstorming, and employees are more likely to learn new skills via this interaction. Perhaps registering with an online training company, that offers short and interactive courses will be of benefit. Employees can submit their suggestions as a way forward for management to consider.

Tip 11:   Self Rewards

Employees may find it quite restrictive working from home, so suggest that they find ways to reward themselves, not necessarily with high sugar, as that can lead towards drowsiness. They can be simple things, like a sachet cappuccino instead of a regular coffee, or an half hour catching up on their social media, whatever gets them through the day and doesn’t take too much time from the day.

Tip 12:   Down Time

Most people were used to commuting to work and back every weekday, this was their ‘rest time’. A chance to wind down before getting home and dealing with households. Employees can still get this if they restructure their habits and do simple things, like taking a walk around the block, with or without the dog.


Most importantly, at the end of the day, employees who are struggling working from home and getting themselves organised, must be able to speak freely to their supervisor or manager to ask for support and guidance.

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