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Keywords in domain names: How important are they?

A proper domain name can do a lot for your business behind the scenes. You should definitely consider taking some time to think it over before making a final decision. While many favour a branded domain name (i.e. business name), others choose keyword domain names (i.e. the service/product a business specialises in).

Keyword domains names are often believed to be  more effective in online searches, but is this fact or fiction?

What are keyword domains?

A keyword domain is a domain name that contains a keyword relevant to either your business, its products or services. Here are a few examples of keyword domains: www.webuycars.co.za, www.bidorbuy.co.za and www.foodandwine.com.

These domains clarify, brand and identify with what is relevant to the business.

But let’s take a step back and look at what the right domain name should do.

 When choosing your domain name  consider the following:

 Make it Memorable:

A domain name that is easy to remember makes it easier for a potential customer to search for and recall. It is one of the more cost-effective marketing tools as it could send more direct traffic to your website. Like the examples above, these are hard to forget.

Aim to be Marketable:

The right name enhances the company’s branding. Think about how it displays in printed media and how it would sound on radio or television. If your domain name is difficult to spell, or say, too long, it could do more harm than good.

Suit it to Your Industry:

Your business’ domain name should be appropriate to the services you provide. Certain industries are more professional than others and any type of creative wordplay doesn’t necessarily portray professionalism.

If you are starting a new online website and need a domain name, it is best to choose your brand first and only add keywords to your domain name that sound natural.

Could a keyword domain name be more effective?

Bearing the above tips in mind, if used professionally and appropriately, keyword domains can do a lot for your business from a visitor’s perspective, but can it enhance your SEO?

According to Google’s John Mueller, utilising keywords in a domain name does not boost a company’s ranking for that particular keyword. Good content is still the greatest SEO key. Creating unique, value-added, and relevant  user-intended content with links to your website, which are effective ways to enhance ranking.

Just imagine how boring the world of domains would be if only some domain names were able to improve a company’s ranking ability, and others not. Everyone would be doing much of the same thing. A keyword domain like the examples mentioned earlier in this article can help your company flourish, but only if it is relevant.

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