T H E R E M A T C H: Sage vs Xero vs QuickBooks - Which is the best accounting software platform for your business?


In October this year, we put two accounting giants, Sage & Xero, in the ring to battle it out for the cloud accounting platform heavyweight crown. 


The OnlineX audience could not decide between these accounting software giants, as the vote was split 50/50 down the line.


The time for the much-anticipated rematch has arrived.  And to spice things up a bit,we’ve invited the pretender to the throne, QuickBooks, to shake things up a bit.


So, if you’re feeling confused and conflicted about which accounting software is best for your business, then worry  no more. Our next ‘Versus’ webinar will tell all.


Struggling to keep on top of your finances? Looking for a

more efficient way to analyse your business’s financial health?


Deciding which solution to go for can be challenging, especially when they (appear to) offer so many similar core features.

Which is the right one for your business? Sage, Xero or QuickBooks?

In the Sage corner we have the owner of The Business Boutique, Celeste Summerton, who effortlessly movesacross industries, giving ‘sage’ advice.

Always curious, Summerton is at the cutting edge of accounting and business, on and offline platform development and solutions.

In this ‘punch-up’, Summerton will convince us why Sage is the tried and tested winner when it comes to accounting software, and why she is passionate about Sage’s ability to deliver a truly innovative and world-class accounting solution for your business.

In the Xero corner, we introduce Willem Haarhoff, CEO and co-founder of DoughGetters Accounting. Haarhoff has built his business around doing beautiful digital business.

He has led large teams at one of the big four accounting firms. In March 2020, DoughGetters Accounting was awarded Emerging Firm of the Year by Xero South Africa.

In this session, Haarhoff will show you how Xero Accounting will help you eliminate unnecessary admin so that you can focus on growing your business your way – and why it should be your accounting platform of choice.

 And… in the QuickBooks corner, we welcome Nadine Chetty, co-founder of Ecomm Accounting Solutions. As head of technology and a proud member of the trainer/writer network of Intuit QuickBooks, she boasts multiple publications covering topics on cloud-based accounting solutions.

Chetty is on a mission to demonstrate all the online accounting, tools and technology support that your business needs to guarantee growth, profitability and scalability.

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