WEBINAR: Build your Online Platform, Build your House

Think building a website, think building your house with Josh Jaffe, creative director at Brand Infusion, and Dylan Berger, project manager and copywriter at Brand Infusion. They are our latest speakers at our upcoming OnlineX Gathering, on Wednesday, 17 June, from 1pm - 2pm.  Join them for a FREE, in-depth, interactive webinar session: ‘Build your online platform, build your house’, where they’ll give you practical tools, guidance and resources to help you get your business and website up and running.  

Moderator: Dylan Berger, Project Manager and Copywriter at Brand Infusion

Berger will prompt Jaffe to share insights from his years of experience in project managing hundreds of website builds, and give his perspective of how critical it is to understand what you want out of your website, and how to go about building it.

What you’ll take out: 

  • All you need to know to get your website (digital house) built;
  • Practical tools, guidance and resources to help you get your website up and running;
  • Be part of an in-depth and interactive discussion, and get your questions answered;
  • Learn about the four key elements to building the best website and how to choose the ‘best builder’;
  • Know whether you should work with specialists in the game or go at it on your own; and
  • How to build a website that makes you more money.

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