WEBINAR - How to use Facebook to convert your audience into customers

Think Facebook marketing, think Rhys Downard, lead digital marketing analyst at Media Rocket. He will be speaking at our next OnlineX Gathering, on Wednesday, 22 July, from 4pm-5pm.

Join him for a FREE, in-depth, interactive webinar session: ‘How to use Facebook to convert your audience into customers’, where he will give you practical tools, guidance and resources to help you find your ideal audience and turn them into new customers.

What you’ll take out:

  • You’ve heard how powerful Facebook can be as a marketing tool, but you have no idea how or where to start. Come and learn how to find your perfect audience and convert them into customers.
  • Discover how to work the Facebook network and drive your lead funnel.
  • Have you experimented with Facebook marketing and received average results? Understand how to structure a campaign that gets exponentially more effective over time, achieves higher conversions and drives down costs.
  • Learn how to create an ideal audience by feeding them with specific, targeted and engaging messages.
  • Find out how to interpret analytics to give meaningful insights into your audience’s interests and behaviours.
  • Remarketing? What is it? Is it effective? How to use it to boost conversion rates.

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