WEBINAR - Using LinkedIn to win new business

Think finding new customers, think LinkedIn with Michael Harf, CEO of Syte. He will be speaking at our upcoming LinkedIn OnlineX Gathering, on Wednesday, 15 July, from 4pm-5pm. 

Join him for a FREE, in-depth, interactive webinar session: ‘Using LinkedIn to win new business’, where he will give you guidance, resources and actionable steps to help you win new customers on LinkedIn.

What you'll take out:
  • Do you think your customers are coming to look for you? Learn how to use LinkedIn to find them first.
  • Invest in a LinkedIn campaign without blowing your marketing budget. Run effective LinkedIn ads that don't cost a fortune.
  • Discover how to target your perfect customer profile on LinkedIn.
  • Learn how to find your elusive “dream client”. 
  • Uncover the way to craft perfect ad copy to appeal to your market.
  • Ensure you win customers and not just generate leads.
  • Reach customers at the beginning of their buying journey and ensure they are searching for you

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