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Job interview coaching is an interview preparation session fully customized to focus on the position you are applying for, the industry you are targeting, and aligning these requir...

SDF Projects is the solution for sustainable projects and HR. The relationship between employees and the employer fosters sustainability at its core and we believe that these relat...

South Africa's largest Freelance platform

Trusted Interns is an online marketplace that connects graduates with employers.

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SDF Projects

Article Posted on Mon 08 Jun 2020

Doing Employment Equity right with a proactive approach

The Department of Labour (DoL) is getting stricter on the enforcement of Employment Equity, and in our experience companies tend to take a reactive approach when it comes to Employment Equity implemen...

SDF Projects

Article Posted on Wed 27 May 2020

5 things to ignore at your own risk as employees return to work

With South Africa preparing for COVID-19 Level 3 lockdown commencing 1 June 2020, millions of workers are returning to work. Employers have been preparing for their return to the workplace for quite s...

SDF Projects

Article Posted on Wed 20 May 2020

Employment Equity in the Workplace

Employment Equity is one of the most dangerous pieces of legislation out there. Not because it is often seen as a legalised form of discrimination, but rather because it is very often misunderstood an...

Content Agency

Article Posted on Fri 15 May 2020

4 Ways To Get Interns To Add Value

Recruiting interns can either be an excellent decision in hiring affordable talent for your business, or a surefire way of losing precious hours in productivity. Many small businesses find success in...

Content Agency

Article Posted on Thu 14 May 2020

Why HR Should Be Included In A Business Strategy Plan

In today's landscape, where job markets are defined by competition for skilled talent, human resources experts can, and commonly do make an impact on the business's bottom line. Whether it's recruitme...