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The COVID Guide Part 5 - IT Resiliency Planning During COVID-19 & Disasters

Being IT resilient is the ability to prepare your small business for the loss of critical online systems, software or apps and to restore services as widely and as quickly as possible in the event of a disaster. 

You should identify and consider the following:

1. Identify the IT systems (software, applications etc.) that your business relies on 

2. Work out the steps to take in the event of an extended IT outage 

3. Ensure that your data is backed up (wholly and frequently) 

4. Document any procedures (such as manual workarounds) that would be implemented in the event of an extended outage 

Pro tip: Plan and practice 

Train and practice your procedures so that they are established and performed with confidence and efficiency when they are required to be acted on during a disaster.

  • Make sure that your data back-up provider explains and demonstrates how the recovery process works. 
  • Make sure that your data is backed up and frequently tested from different locations.
  • Have more than one person who understands how to access your back-up data. 


Backing up your data is essential. You need to understand the basics of retrieving and restoring it, what that process entails, what data can be restored and how long it will take. For all things web hosting and preparing your small business for resiliency during the current pandemic and other potential disasters, visit the Dial a Nerd business page, a nationwide provider of professional IT and computer support and solutions, to access their contact and services information.

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