How To Use Collaboration As A Marketing Strategy For Getting Referrals

Communities build businesses. To make your community effectively work for you, enlist the help of other entrepreneurs and individuals and collaborate with them in your sales and marketing strategy tactics. 

There are several benefits for entrepreneurs who market each other’s businesses via word of mouth and it’s a smart part of any small business’s strategy. 

One excellent way to do this is by attending or hosting a networking event. When attending, consider going as a group and walk around making multiple connections. Each attendee effectively becomes each other’s marketer by spreading word of mouth information about their business and each other as well. 

It’s wise and noble to support other entrepreneurs by recommending each other’s services. When people see as you someone who’s ready to help, they commonly feel inclined to do the same. 

How to effectively collaborate with other entrepreneurs: 

  • Start by experiencing their service offering or products.

  • Offer to write a testimonial for them on their website, Facebook Page and LinkedIn profile. Word of mouth is powerful, and there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a first-hand testimonial from a client raving about a business’s services. 

  • Lastly, ensure that you refer business to them. Ensure that you advise the person you’re recommending a business to let the said business know they got the heads up from you or your business. 

  • Never dish out referrals on the condition that they have to return the favour. Your referral should come from sincerity and not for expecting business in return. 


Before getting started on approaching other entrepreneurs for referrals, ensure that your brand is positioned as credible, reliable, dependable and trustworthy. Ensure that your business has a reputation with incredible integrity, stellar customer service and amazing customer experiences. 

Your reputation needs to be solid so others know, without a doubt, that if they refer someone they care about to you, you’ll take amazing care of them, thus making both parties look credible and trustworthy. 

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