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Email - the most Effective Communication Tool for your Business

How effectively are you utilising emails as a form of correspondence in your business?

Email is often overshadowed by the newest, trending apps that promote various styles of communication platforms for business. However, email works and it is fundamental to all businesses globally.

There are 3.9 billion active email users in the world and 85% of users access emails via smartphones. Furthermore, a high percentage of them actually check their mails after working hours.

Email is convenient, checking it is part of our daily tasks and nowadays, most email platforms have added features that allow you to prioritise and organise them according to your own preferences. Simply put, email is and always will be the primary communication tool for businesses.

Email Tips:

Get a Professional Email Address

Register your domain and ensure that you have a professional email address, even if your website is not online yet. This is easy to do, as most ISPs offer an Email Only Hosting package. They are easily affordable and you don’t have to outlay for your website until you are ready. The great advantage of this, is that it allows you to start communicating to your target market and suppliers with the confidence of professionalism.

Email Domain Authenticators

There are DNS TXT records that ensure your emails are secure, authenticated and not blocked by the recipient’s server. They are called Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) and Sender Policy Framework (SPF). Unless you are IT proficient and can set these up manually, your service provider should be able to do so. At Domains.co.za, we automatically configure any domain that has taken out a Domains.co.za web hosting or Email Only Hosting package.

Email Etiquette is Essential

It is imperative that companies ensure their staff are well educated on Email Etiquette. It can assist in building customer confidence and a good reputation. Added to this, it saves time and can prevent misunderstandings, as a record in writing is always available.

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