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Imagine a trusted resource that offers you a complete view of your customers and your competitor’s customers. Who they are and what they earn and own. What they think and what they are interested in. Their full financial services behaviours, their eating, drinking and shopping habits and their brand preferences across all retail categories – and how to reach these consumers through all media channels. Welcome to BrandMapp 2020.

Every year we produce BrandMapp, the definitive study of the top 30% of South African’s by income. This group of 11.7 million adults make up more than 80% of all personal income and consumer spend in the country. BrandMapp offers marketers and agencies the ability to segment, profile and fully understand their customers within this crucial group. with useful insights based on a massive sample of 28 826 respondents.

BrandMapp offers a sophisticated view of a sophisticated market using sophisticated methodology. The data is based on a sample of 28 826 respondents and includes 227 measures, 162 categories, 1160 brands and 348 media filters, making BrandMapp the most comprehensive independent study of economically-active South Africans.

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